Niche to Norm: The Pool Technology Tipping Point

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Every new, successful technology reaches a tipping point where it rises from obscure to mainstream so quickly that even the best companies struggle to keep up.

In the 1990s, the personal computer, smartphone and internet were unfamiliar to the masses. But once they reached tipping points and became universally adopted, it became hard to remember what life was like before them.

Tipping Points in Pool Technology

The pool industry is no stranger to tipping points, and successful pool businesses have always looked for new market transformations to avoid becoming the next Myspace or Blackberry.

How can your business tell the difference between a pool innovation approaching a tipping point and an overhyped, unproven technology that gullible dealers jumped the gun on?

When is it Safe to Bet on a Pool Innovation?

Before adopting a new pool technology, look for these three signs early on:

1. 10 Percent Adoption Proof

According to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, once an innovation has been adopted by 10 percent of the industry, it’s too late and the winners and losers have been determined. Pool businesses that enter the game early are rewarded with sales when the niche becomes the norm.

For example, Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) sanitation is the fastest growing segment in the pool industry, but hasn’t reached 10 percent adoption. Industry leaders that have tried, tested and praised AOP for all pool types and sizes are confident it’ll reach the 10 percent threshold.

2. It’s Scalable

Is the technology scalable to all pools, spas, swim spas or waterparks? For instance, chlorine has enjoyed mass adoption for so long because it works in nearly every pool in the world. Can the same be said for all AOP technologies?

Pool innovations, AOP solutions or otherwise, that are ready for mass adoption will meet this scalability criteria:

3. Easy Integration

Businesses should look for solutions that are well-designed, not cobbled together or overly complex. Good AOP solutions are reliable, intuitive and integrate seamlessly into current practices and methodologies.

How to Add a New Innovation to Your Pool Business

1. Make a Plan

When incorporating a newer technology like AOP into your business, start by thoroughly planning your strategy. Fully understand your business and what your customers want. Get vendor help and discover the best ways to sell your new products.

2. Create Sales-Assisting Content

Use your vendor as a resource to help create custom marketing content, selling strategies, support resources, etc. to successfully execute your plan.

3. Deploy and Sell

Next, it’s time to execute your plan. Businesses that follow through with their plan are the ones that succeed. “Toe dippers,” or businesses that half-heartedly deploy without commitment, usually end up losing.


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