Top Pool Safety Tips For The Summer

Via Splash Magazine

Summer is here and every pool around the country is turning into a small oasis of coolness and relaxation. Public pools are also the hotspots especially during the weekends, and with so many young children and adults lurking around concrete stairs and water, a few summer safety tips are more than in order.

Want To Cool Off? Safety Comes First!

According to official statistics in the country, there are several hundred cases of young children who drown in backyard swimming pools on a yearly basis. So as harmless as a pool might seem to be for parents supervising their kids swimming, dramatic incidents and deadly accidents do occur. And thinking “it will not happen to me” is not an option. The smallest vulnerability around the pool area, the smallest glitch in the safety fence enabling access to the pool could cause a tragedy. This is why it is essential to constantly remind yourself and the rest of your family’s member that safety comes first. No matter how eager your small ones might be to jump into the pool during a hot summer afternoon, if you do not have time to supervise then nonstop, never let them get into the water by themselves – without another adult’s supervision.

What Can You Do To Make The Pool A Safer Place?

  • Secure your pool using the right barriers and security fences. Use a 4-feet high fence or try to install barriers featuring self-closing options and self-latching gates. Get in touch with a local locksmith in your area to have them come over and install a latch or a better locking mechanism or fix the old, broken one.
  • No matter what area you live in, you should have no problem coming across some authorized locksmith services right in the area where you live. Go online and do a brief search using your zip code or city name and compare a few of the locksmiths you will see showing up. The high competition enables the majority of licensed locksmiths to use small flat rates – which are not an indicator of poor quality services! Make sure you read references and verify them by calling a couple of numbers before inviting a team over.
  • Mobile locksmith teams belonging to local or national locksmith companies should be able to reach any location they have covered within 15 to 20 minutes from placing a call to their dispatch number.  They handle the complete range of residential services ranging from lock rekey, lock repair, lock change, fence latch installation, safe or garage door lock repair, as well as all automotive and commercial services. Accidental lockouts are handled as emergencies, so in case you cannot unlock your pool fence, make sure you get in touch with licensed and bonded locksmiths who can solve your problem fast and without headaches.
  • Use a safety cover over your pool or the hot tub whenever they are not in use and get rid of all the ladders and access items.
  • Install an alarm that will go off whenever someone enters the pool.

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