Why winter is the best season to build a pool

Via ClearComfort

Winter may not be known as the prime swimming season, but it may be the best season to build your pool. The upcoming cold winter temperatures are an opportunity to efficiently and inexpensively build a pool.

If you live in a moderate climate, winter is the best time of year to build a pool for two main reasons: the lower cost and pool builder availability.

Since winter is generally a down-time for pool businesses, there’s a better chance of having a lower total cost for the pool construction, materials and labor. Additionally, pool builders are typically busiest in the spring and summer – so during winter more pool builders are available.

Other advantages to building a pool in the winter, include:

  • Additional time for landscaping to take root
  • A shorter building process
  • More time to research pool treatment options
  • Further time to choose additional pool features like waterfalls, tanning ledges, a diving board etc.

Saving money, while benefiting from a un-rushed, stress-free pool construction is a pool building win win. So, if you’ve been considering building a pool – now is the time to build it, or make a plan to build it pool next winter.

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