Does your pool meet federal safety standards?

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) would like to remind everyone that backyard pools may not meet federal safety standards. These safety standards are mandatory for commercial pools, but millions of residential pools may not be at the same level.


Pools that don’t meet the standards laid out in the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC) and the American National Standards Institute/APSP technical standards for pool building have more potential for preventable deaths and injuries than pools that are built in compliance with all of the safety standards.


“One of APSP’s biggest priorities is to get local jurisdictions to adopt the 2015 Pool & Spa Code,” says Carvin DiGionvanni, Vice President Technical & Standards. “We want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy swimming pools and spas safely. That’s why we put so much effort into creating the ISPSC and our APSP standards. We want to do all we can to avoid any preventable tragedies.”


The only way to find out if your pool is in compliance is to find a local APSP Certified Building Professional that is knowledgeable in the ISPSC. This code, a joint effort between APSP and the International Code Council, is the only pool building standard that complies with the federal safety standards for pool drain covers.


“You can be proactive about safety by having your pool checked out by an APSP certified professional,” says DiGiovanni. “Having your pool inspected and brought into compliance with the ISPSC is a great way to ensure your pool is safe for you and your entire family. Knowing you are keeping your loved ones safe will give you peace of mind.”


Find a local APSP professional to inspect your pool by visiting

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